We May Have Control Issues

Hello to my fellow business owners. It's possibly a painful truth, yes, we may have control issues. Now some of you may be saying "me, not me". Some may be thinking "yea, I have some control issues, but don't we all". Some of you have perhaps recognized this defect of character, become aware of how detrimental it is in our lives and maybe struggle with how to let it go or become a little less controlling. 

Denial is an amazing thing, if you don't struggle with control than carry on, enjoy your day, go digest some other content. If you have a slice of willingness and humility you could inquire. Start with simple questions. Ask a spouse or partner if you are controlling in certain areas of your life. Ask your employees if you micromanage them and if so, in what areas of the business. You could also ask a friend or person close to you that you work with on projects outside of work (non profit or community service position). Asking the question takes courage but the moment of truth is in hearing the answer and what we do with that information. Along with the questions you can also do a little reflection. Do you find yourself constantly frustrated with an employee and how they are doing something? Do you do this with multiple people? Do you find yourself complaining about them frequently to friends and other business owners? And /or finally do you possibly just keep it to yourself but it occupies a good part of your thinking during the day? Hopefully you have the courage and willingness to look into this, it can be helpful for you personally and beneficial to the business.

If you find yourself possibly in the next group, acknowledging this behavior but never thinking much about it's impact, I suggest you try some of the suggestions above. All you need is a little willingness and humility, the benefits can make a huge difference in your personal life as well as your business.

The third group, you have recognized it and even tried some things to improve in this area. You are also aware of the damage it has caused in your life. It can destroy relationships and your business, or least keep your company from growing. 

There is hope! If the pain your control issues have caused you have inflicted extensive damage in relationships at work (and in relationships outside of work) there is something you can do. All you need is willingness.

Call me or email me. I am a control freak. I've struggled with it for years and it has caused huge damage in my life. I found a way out. The freedom from this insidious defect has been amazing. If you are willing call...I'm a recovering control freak. 513.582.8344

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