Catchy Blog Title #2... (marketing sarcasm)

Hello to my fellow business owners! I should not be sarcastic with my blog title but I struggle sometimes with the content and the noise. Muddling through the self promoting messages and the delusion that the purpose of commercial advertising is to inform the consumer, it's a mire of meaningless noise. 

The American writer James Thurber talked about "Precision of communication", I claim that I write to encourage, educate and sarcasm runs contrary to this idea. I still need to work on my cynicism.  I'm trying.

My goal, being authentic and trying to share tools and ideas with business owners. Most importantly, any business owners who are really struggling, extremely discouraged and/or frustrated. There is hope!

In my last post I mentioned data...important data right under your nose. Stop throwing your money at marketing and business development sources where you are not clearly getting results. Stop! Call me or email me and I will help you pull this existing data from your company, for FREE! We can take this data and plug it into a campaign that will produce results.   

If you're struggling with stagnant sales and/or operational frustrations call us. We will help. It's FREE! 513.582.8344

If the sun is shining in your back door and the March winds have blown all your troubles away, no need to call.