Free Stuff...Really Good Free Stuff

Hello to my fellow business owners. Here's a quick recap and some good free stuff. If your sales pipeline is full, your sales team is closing plenty of business and/or your marketing is attracting enough fresh leads for you, then you will not need the following information. If you are not getting the results you want then dig into some of the exercises below, this will provide data that you have right under your nose. You don't need to spend money to have people outside of your company telling you this info. These exercises will allow you to pull your own marketing data yourself. Then plug the data into your marketing efforts to enhance the results. 

It started with my October 2016 post, check out the ideal client/customer exercise. Know your target.

December 2016 - the importance of client retention systems, read Raving Fans.

January 2017- Take a dive into the Buyers Journey

July 2017 - Blogging ideas

August 2017 - More blogging tips

Go have some fun with this and save a few bucks from your marketing spend. Call if you need guidance on any of the exercises.

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