Blog Cadence...Don't Do This

It's a simple message. Do not go 6 months between blog posts. I know, it seems ridiculous, but some of you have done this as well, I'm not the only one guilty of this. I went extreme in my flawed cadence with posting in January and then following up six months later with my second post in July.  

As business owners we have good excuses. The pace and rhythm of our lives and what we juggle is intense.  We're out there hustling to land business, we provide the service on that business, we chase checks...I could go on, anyone who owns a business understands. The key is to try to be consistent with blogging activity. If you're generating enough content you can post three to four times a week, you can go weekly, perhaps even monthly. Try to be consistent. 

An interesting exercise I offer you, go review 3-5 blogs that you like. Look at their archives, write down and track the cadence they follow. Next, look at your competition, do the same with them. To start just follow the cadence, don't get distracted by the content. You will start to be more aware of how well your competitors are (or are not) doing with this idea. I can show you more about 'content' later.

Cadence is just one aspect of blogging, I'll cover more fundamentals of blogging in future posts.