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Hello to my fellow business owners. I've shared words of encouragement, solid marketing tools and resources to help with lead generation. Today I want to share more FREE STUFF.

While digesting content, notice some of the strategies that are the foundation of the content. Look for this as you read through different blogs. In regards to blog strategy writers aim to educate & inform, they want to establish themselves and/or their company as experts. They also write to offer a point of view, again this helps in establishing themselves and a position in the market. 

Next - 'the invitation' to take action. You will see something such as 'If you want more information on this, click HERE'.  When you click you go to a landing page. You may receive a white paper or some other additional information.So before I set up a landing page and direct you there let me just offer this...if you want some free stuff, including;

  1. A Marketing Content Schedule
  2. A Free Sales & Marketing Assessment
  3. Tips on Reviewing a Marketing Contract

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