Right Under Your Nose

Check this out, it starts here, the title of this blog, all the content, the whole thing is written for a specific target audience. Building a buyer persona is the starting point. This example, written to the business owner, female and male, at least 40 years of age or older.

Follow this thought and take a pause when it comes to marketing. Somewhere early in our journey we created our logo, maybe we tweaked it over the years, we got our website up and going, perhaps we've invested in a different designer, one who is more expensive, they updated the website. Next we moved into working with a strategy and branding professional,  we started investing into sources helping with social media and analytics. We've heard so much about 'content creation' and 'digital', we invested in this path because we couldn't be left behind.

Here's the pause....

Look at all of this, all of this marketing stuff you have invested in. It's usually a lot, lots of stuff. It's all pretty cool, very shiny. But here's the problem, with so much money going into this, how can you still be struggling with a lack of leads? How can the sales pipeline be so empty?

So here it is, right under your nose. Companies who are defining a specific buyer persona, they then crank content that they know that ideal client will be attracted to. Their website is very clear. You know who they work with and exactly what they do. You can see the social media channels that they utilize, it's ALL there. 

Free stuff!! Stop throwing money at sources and start building some of this yourself. You'll save more than a few bucks. Go to Hubspot's website. Read their content regarding buyer personas. Next, look at the Hubspot partner lists, go to their websites. Right under your nose, you will see plenty of examples, great examples of what it looks like when you build Buyer Personas. 

You can do the basics, some of this marketing stuff is NOT as complicated as some of the professionals make it sound.