The Problem with Sales and Marketing

This blog is intended for business owners only. If you are a sales rep working for a large company you may want to move on or just limit your comments. Selling when you work for yourself is not the same game that you play when selling or managing a sales team for a large company.  Yes there are some similarities, but there also exists many differences.  I speak from experience, I have a decade of experience with the large companies and another decade as an owner... it's a different racket!

I'll lump sales and marketing together for a moment. Remember, this is for business owners only. Let's start with marketing, here comes a huge pill to swallow. The following comment MAY help you with the denial I often speak of...YOUR MARKETING SUCKS! This idea is wrapped up and delivered in Mark Stevens book, he delivers the message in a concise, denial breaking method. The title, 'Your Marketing Sucks'. An exercise for the willing, buy the book, read it, join the conversation and explore the possibility that you may be suffering from this problem...or stay in denial and continue to throw hundreds and/or thousands of dollars out your window.

Now, the problem with sales. I take the simple thought from Mr. Gerber and the E Myth. You started your business, you were on fire! You started selling and servicing clients. You continued selling. You made it past the 2-3 year mark...congratulations, not many make it this far. But now you are stuck, you don't want to be the top producer. So you journey down the path of hiring a sales person or throwing money at lead gen companies. Now you are really stuck...and you can't break out of this pattern.  The one thing you know is that YOU ARE NOT GETTING RESULTS.

There is a solution. You will learn more about my improvement process with my posts under 'the new way'. Also,  in our solution we  will leverage many of the tools that you have already invested in and eliminate the tools that are not helping to generate revenue, the ones not producing a ROI.  

I close with this, I know these are some big and painful truths to explore, but try to be open minded. This is an invitation to break the denial that you could possibly be suffering from. 

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