the new efficient path for revenue generation

Hello my fellow business owners. I've shared information about what I've labeled 'the insidious archaic path' of business development. I will continue to share solid information from my ongoing research and experience regarding this growing problem. You can refer to my other post for a definition of the problem.

As a solution to this problem I have created a revenue generation system, the new efficient path. The system has different parts; including an inbound marketing strategy, an outbound strategy and a client retention section.

One way to read my content, recognize that what I'm teaching you is the same plan I'm implementing myself. Just as Jason and David from 37 Signals/Basecamp did, they created something they could use.  I also want to teach you how to observe how the marketing/social media/content game really works.

The Internet worships a different god: TRAFFIC. As the battle for people's attention wages on I'll help you to navigate through the noise. The fascinating part is that as business owners we are part of the racket that we call marketing. It's my belief that we need to be more aware of what we are doing and the noise we are creating with our marketing.

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