The Solution

Hello fellow business owners! I frequently speak about the problems for business owners, possibly focusing too much on the negatives. I'm not trying to dwell on the negative or be a Debbie Downer. It has been my experience that usually high levels of pain and frustration leads a person to new levels of open mindedness and willingness. 

The solution, we build client retention systems,  built on activity and action not words! I don't care what that mission statement on your wall says. It sounds great, it was well written, but tell me what YOU DO to 'wow' your clients. Let's get passed your marketing talk and really look at what you do for your clients. 

The same thing applies to client acquisition programs. We build systems based on activity and behaviors. We can always measure the activity for solid analysis. We apply this to both inbound and outbound programs...the phone does still work if you go back to speaking with somebody and not talking at them. 

So there it is, the solution, a positive slant for those who think I'm focusing too much on the problems.