Mr and Mrs Owner, Yeah You, You May Be Suffering From Horrific Denial...

Hello to my fellow business owners. Today I offer you a challenge. I'm sorry to break the bad news to you, but it may be true. You are brilliant, you have more talent, drive and intelligence than most people. The person who has never run their own business, and especially the ones who never made it past the the 2-3 year mark, simply DO NOT UNDERSTAND. 

But, you may be suffereing from denail. As social psychologist Timothy D. Wilson says, "People are masterful spin doctors, rationalizers, and justifiers of threatening information and go to great lengths to maintain a sense of well-being."  We are all susceptible to denial, you may be suffering from a devastating case of denial. I'm speaking about specific denial when it comes to client retention programs.

Do you have a client retention system?