At The Invisible Hand, our mission is simple: to help our clients form connections that matter. We do this by combining inbound marketing methodology to create abundance for our customers. We specialize in growing sales pipelines and generating revenue for your company.

At The Invisible Hand we take a business coaching and consulting approach to marketing and sales. We collaborate with you to grow your business more quickly, consistently and efficiently by providing strategic consulting. If you own a small or medium sized company and are an expert in your business, but have no internal marketing expertise to draw on, we can help.  

George Ziegler is the president and founder of The Invisible Hand. For 10 years he has been writing, speaking and consulting. He continues fostering greatness in business owners and salespeople. Take a look at his blogs Embark on Hope and for Business Owners Only.

We will update you when his first book is coming out! His speaking events are listed on Upcoming Events.